We own, lease and manage properties focusing on people, place and purpose. Our mission is to build a property platform that improves lives, enabling communities and individuals to achieve positive economic, civic and social outcomes.

More than just properties, a platform for social change

Optimised funding

The positive impact of our work allows us to access opportunities and grants that are not available to the commercial mainstream, enabling us to achieve more with our investments, delivering both community development programs and returns to investors.


Being easy to work with creates demand for our spaces and generates income. It also attracts impact partners who help us to develop thriving communities and to transform our properties into social, civic and economic assets.


Our unique solutions approach is designed to deliver space that works and creates an environment where people feel they belong, enabling organisations to achieve their economic and social impact goals.

Our values, our history, our international family

Ethical Property creates spaces where organisations can come together to make a difference. 
We serve thousands of social change organisations across four countries, whilst delivering solid returns for investors.

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If you’re interested in becoming an Ethical Property tenant, or you’re an investor looking to make a strong social, environmental and financial return, we would love to hear from you.

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