Creating thriving communities where every story has a place

Ethical Property Mission

We own, lease and manage properties focusing on people, place and purpose. Our mission is to build a property platform that enables commercial property to become community assets. Improving lives and assisting communities and individuals to achieve positive economic, civic and social outcomes.

Ethical Principles

We believe that our ethics powers our profit with social and environmental impact leading to stronger and more sustainable financial returns. In 1998, the international Ethical Property network began in the UK and now has 35 sites globally. Its purpose is to create an international ecosystem that builds thriving communities. The successful Ethical Property formula is based on key ethical principles and has been applied with all our Australian asset.

Ethical value creation

Financial return to investors, social value for the communities in which we operate and environmentally sustainable assets and practices.

Ethical tenant management

We curate diverse and values aligned tenants, encourage participation and collaboration, respond to changing needs, facilitate development programs for tenants and be easy to work with.

Ethical asset management

We provide space that works; affordable, adaptable, flexible, sustainable and provides a comfortable environment that’s easy to work in.

Ethical community engagement

We hold space with a defined social purpose, provide clear community benefits, create a positive identity with local community.

Our values, our history, our international family

Ethical Property creates spaces where organisations can come together to make a difference. 
We serve thousands of social change organisations across four countries, whilst delivering solid returns for investors.

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Get involved

If you’re interested in becoming an Ethical Property tenant, or you’re an investor looking to make a strong social, environmental and financial return, we would love to hear from you.

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