Our values, our history, our international family

Our values

Ethical Property Australia and the Ethical Property Commercial Fund are part of an international family of organisations.
Founded in the UK in 1998, the Ethical Property family has grown from two people with a vision to a family of six companies, operating in four countries, employing over 100 people at over 30 sites
Built around strong management, values, transparency and a firm conviction that it is possible to make money whilst doing good, we have worked hard to ensure that our values remain as strong today as they were in 1998.


Through the provision of property we support organisations that are striving to create a more equal and just society.

We believe in encouraging sustainable behaviour, and building both physical and social structures that lead to a sustainable lifestyle with a positive environmental impact, that use only our fair share of the planet’s resources.

Every decision we make will take account of financial, environmental and social impacts.

We believe that the world’s problems are better solved by people working together rather than alone.

We will implement a process of continual learning, with regular evaluations of our services and practices to ensure we constantly evolve the way we do business with the aim of ensuring best practice.

Ethical Property Australia - our history

Ethical Property Australia was founded in 2013 as a partnership between Melbourne-based donkey wheel Trust and UK-based The Ethical Property Company.

Co-Founder, Peter Allen, was formerly Property Director at Ethical Property in the UK where he worked for over 10 years.

Based in Melbourne, EP Australia started by taking on the management of donkey wheel house, which had been purchased by the Trust in 2009 and progressively refurbished and let to social enterprises and not-for-profits.

In 2015 EP set up the EP Commercial Fund, which now owns donkey wheel house, Spark Space in Melbourne and Endeavour House in Canberra. The Fund will be raising additional capital in 2021 and we will be establishing more centres to support not-for-profits, campaigning organisations, social enterprises and charities over the next few years. Contact us to be involved!


Ethical Property Commercial Fund

The Ethical Property Commercial Fund is a unit trust established in 2015. It provides a vehicle for wholesale investors wishing to participate in Ethical Property’s continued growth in Australia, supporting our mission to become the workspace provider of choice for social change organisations.

Property owned by the Fund is currently valued at over $40m, and our goal is to grow to a value of $100m over the next 36 months. The fund’s unit value has increased from $1 to $1.26 in the last 5 years and rental yield is also increasing with recent upgrades, refurbishments and increased occupancy. We are targeting a yield of 5% per annum.




Investor Memorandum Brochure

Our Australian Foundations

Ethical Property Commercial Fund is 100% impact equity with $19.1M invested in April 2016. Our foundation sites have a combined gross asset value of $39.8M, we have modernized and refurbished each one and generated a Total Rate of Return of 6.3% per annum. Each site has a social theme based on our mission of enabling commercial property to become neighbourhood assets.

donkey wheel house

Established in partnership with Donkey Wheel Trust with a vision to create a place to enable people to come together to develop new ideas to shape a better society.
THEME: Social innovation

NLA: 2,947 sqm
Value: $22.7M
NABERS: 5.5 stars (from 2 star)
Awards: National City Switch

Endeavour House

Purchased in partnership with Graeme Wood Foundation to give a voice at Parliament to underrepresented advocacy organisations seeking to build a fairer Australia.
THEME: Social advocacy

NLA: 2,762 sqm
Value: $11.5M
NABERS: 3.5 stars (from 1 star)

Spark Space

Established with anchor tenant and award winning social impact communications enterprise Think HQ to accommodate their growth and to be a community-focused creative spirit in the South Melbourne neighbourhood. THEME: Community engagement

NLA: 702 sqm
Value: $5.2M
NABERS: Currently not rated

Our property platform provides access to optimised funding, workspace that is easy-to-work-in and an environment where it’s easy-to-work-with Ethical Property and its partners.


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